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Saturday June 15, 2024

Pet Storm and Disaster Information

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Make a Disaster Plan for Your Pets
How to keep pets safe in natural disasters and everyday emergencies -> http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/animal_rescue/tips/pets-disaster.html

Pet Friendly Shelter Information Jacksonville -> http://www.coj.net/departments/fire-and-rescue/emergency-preparedness/be-jaxready/shelter-information/pet-friendly-shelters

Pet Friendly Shelter Information Clay County -> https://www.claycountygov.com/departments/animal-services/pet-disaster-preparedness

Pet Friendly Shelter Information St Johns County -> http://www.sjcemergencymanagement.org/shetpet.html

Pet Friendly Shelter Information Nassau County ->

Pet Friendly Shelter Information Volusia County -> http://www.volusia.org/services/public-protection/emergency-management/before-a-disaster/shelter-information.stml

Florida Shelter Information by County (All Counties) -> http://floridadisaster.org/shelters/

More Information ->

Support Your
Local Rescues
and Shelters

Have a disaster plan in place
before a disaster strikes.


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