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Saturday June 15, 2024

National Pet Databases

Lost - Found - Adoption Animal Listings

Lost or found a dog, cat, or other animal?
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Lost, found, and other pet information
Petfinder.com National Database
Large database used by individuals,
shelters, humane societies, and rescues.
Several user forums and other information
PetHarbor National Database.
Large database used by shelters, SPCA,
humane societies, city/county Animal Control,
and other rescue groups

Microchip ID Information

National microchip pet recovery database
National microchip pet information
National microchip pet information

Support Your
Local Rescues
and Shelters

If you are searching for a lost pet,
a pet adoption, or have found a pet,
also check these pages:
Shelters and Humane Society Listings
Animal Rescue Groups


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