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Saturday July 13, 2024

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Welcome to Jax Animals!

Founded on April 27, 2006, the mission of Jax Animals is to be a complete resource and information center for topics relating to pets and animals in Jacksonville and North Florida with an emphasis on lost, found, abused, neglected, stray, and homeless animals.

Animal shelters, humane societies, and animal rescue groups in Jacksonville and surrounding counties are welcome to submit their information to be included in our comprehensive Rescues and Shelters lists.

Jax Animals includes lost, found, stray, and abandoned pet information as well as animal care and other related information. Lost Found Pets Jacksonville and North Florida is the official Jax Animals Facebook Page. Through the power of social media, our Facebook Page reunites lost and found pets with their homes and families. Everyone is invited and encouraged to post lost and found pets.

Jax Animals is a 100% volunteer effort and will grow as funds and resources permit. Our wish list of projects includes expanded lost / found / adoptable pet listings for all shelters, rescues, and the public in North Florida and a better and faster search and match application to reunite lost and found pets.

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome: Contact Us

Jax Animals News

An Open Letter To Mayor Deegan

Please look into the understaffing and animal overcrowding at our local shelter, Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services.

More funding is needed so that more personnel can be hired and the shelter infrastructure improved. This would mean raising the pay and benefits to attract more employees.

People are being put in a situation of having to release found dogs back to the streets where many are hit and killed by cars or taken by dog fighters or pet flippers.

The problem is desperate. Don't take my word for this but please do your own independent investigation. Animal lives are at stake.

If we can find a billion dollars for a new stadium, certainly we can find a small percentage of that to save animals from death and suffering.

RL Williams
Lost Found Pets Jacksonville and North Florida

Pet Flippers Active in the Area
Stealing Pets and Falsely Claiming Found Pets

Pet flippers are very active now. Recent reports include individuals, couples, and a couple with children in the area who are falsely claiming found dogs and seeking out free dogs to be resold or to be used in dogfighting.

They can be very convincing about being the owner or giving the dog or cat a good home but if they get the pet it will probably end up being resold or killed. A recent report also describes a couple with children claiming a found dog is theirs, even using the children as part of the scam making it seem like the child knows the dog. Many of these people have criminal records so it is best not to meet them in person if you suspect something is not right.

If you find a pet, please be very careful who you give the pet to. Always require positive proof of ownership such as microchip information, past photos of the pet, printed and verifiable vet records, some unique characteristics of the pet that are not visible in a posted photo that only the true owner would know.

Ask what vet the person uses for the pet. Some people will arrange to meet at that vet for the exchange (vets will not mind this, especially if the pet is one of their patients). If you suspect something is not right with the person claiming the pet, don't give the pet to them.

Sometimes, when asked for proof of ownership, they may get demanding, saying they will call the police if the dog or cat is not handed over. If you encounter this, this is a big red flag that they are not the owner, but are scammers or dogfighters. Ignore them.

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Stolen Dogs Posted and Sold
By Pet Flippers on Craigslist

Pet flippers and their companion dog fighters are alive and well on Craigslist.

Another stolen dog was advertised for sale and sold on Craigslist today. There has been an increase in this type of criminal activity on Craigslist. Attempts to post notices about this on the Craigslist Pets and the Lost/Found categories are being flagged by the thieves and removed. Just like the dog fighters, the pet flippers do not want people to know what they are doing.

Pet flippers will also kill dogs they can't resell quickly.

Anyone who is missing a dog, please check both the Pets and the Lost/Found categories on Craigslist several times a day.


Petnappers Are Active in the Area

There have been several reports of dogs being stolen in the area recently. One report described the dognappers as a white female and black male in a small silver or grey automobile. Another report mentioned the white female and black male but a different vehicle.

There are more petnappers operating in different parts of Jacksonville as well as Middleburg and Orange Park. Petnapping can happen anywhere. Craigslist has become a popular haven for the thieves to sell their stolen pets. Petnappers will also kill pets they can't resell quickly. Once a stolen pet is sold, the chances of the poor pet being reunited with its true owner is greatly diminished.

Petnappers are stealing dogs from fenced yards and patios and enclosed porches. Please keep your pets safe and report suspicious activity to the police. If you see someone unknown driving slowly on your street or parked in your neighborhood, get the license tag number and take a photo of the car if it is safe to do so. These people will drive by and look for an opportunity to steal your pet.

If you have had a pet stolen, report it to the police and check online sites including Craigslist for someone trying to sell you stolen pet. Also be sure and post it to our Facebook page Lost Found Pets Jacksonville and North Florida so everyone can be on the lookout for the pet...

Mobile Devices Supported
on Jax Animals View Shelter Pets Pages

The Jax Animals pages to view animals at area shelters works with most mobile devices including phones and tablets using Apple iOS, Android, and Windows. These pages offer easy one-click or one-touch viewing of lost, stray, or adoptable pets at area shelters. Instead of having to wade through page after page after page of dogs or cats, each category has all listings on one scrollable page all in one place. Searching by Breed or Brought-to-Shelter Date is quick and easy.

View Animals at Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services:

View Animals at Clay County Animal Care and Control:

For animals at other North Florida Shelters and Humane Socities,
our Shelters Page has view pet links where available:

Jax Animals Facebook Page
For Your Lost Pet, Found Pet, and Stray Pet Postings

Everyone is invited to post about lost pets, found pets, homeless pets, stray pet sightings, or animals that have special needs on the Jax Animals Facebook Page Lost Found Pets Jacksonville and North Florida. Urgent cats, dogs, and other animals that we find out about are also posted there. Animals that were on our Urgent Cats and Urgent Dogs newsboards have been moved to the Jax Animals Facebook Page. Are you new to Facebook Pages and need to know how to post your lost or found pet information? If so, visit the Jax Animals Facebook Help Page.

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What To Do If You Have Lost a Pet

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Jax Animals Shelter List Page Now
Includes Links to Each Shelter's Animals
Making Finding and Searching Easier

The Jax Animals Animal Shelters and Humane Societies page now includes links to each shelter's website, current lost/found animals, and adoptable animals where available. This will make finding and searching all area shelters easier and convenient. The Jax Animals Animal Rescue Groups page currently has links to each group's website. If you know of any shelters or rescues that are not on our list, contact us and we will add it.

Animal Shelters and Humane Societies
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Animal Rescue Groups
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Increase in Stray Dogs Being Dumped by Owners

There seems to be an increase recently in the number of stray dogs wandering the streets. Many of these were dumped by owners. There is no reason why an owner should dump an animal! They are hungry and thirsty and often wander into traffic. Many are hit by cars and suffer an agonizing death. If you no longer want your pet, check the Area Animal Shelters and Humane Societies page and the Area Animal Rescue Groups page.

Adoptable Cats and Dogs Slideshow

Jax Animals has a convenient new way to view cats and dogs that are available for adoption at Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services. Our new Slideshow View shows one dog or cat at a time and with the click of a mouse on the photo you can get additional information about the animal. The original Grid View is still available.You can browse through the animals at your own pace and find your new friend who is waiting for a chance at a loving home:

Adoptable Cats Slideshow       Adoptable Dogs Slideshow

Jax Animals Topics

Financial Aid for Sick and Injured Animals

Getting veterinary care for a sick or injured animal sometimes creates a financial hardship. Emergency or necessary medical care may not be provided to an animal because of lack of funds. Click below for financial aid links and information:

Financial Aid Resources for Sick and Injured Animals

What To Do If You Have Lost a Pet

Losing a pet can be a stressful and difficult experience. Take action now. Follow this multi-step program to increase your chances of finding your pet.

Lost Pet Information

Thinking of Getting a Pet?

Please consider adopting a pet from one of the Northeast Florida shelters or animal rescue groups. There are many wonderful pets of all kinds and breeds just waiting for a chance at a new home. Help save a life. Adoption links and information:

Adopt A Pet

National Pet Database Listings

Several organizations which have national pet databases are included. PetFinder, PetHarbor, several national pet ID microchip companies and others are listed.

National Pet Databases

Pet Storm and Disaster Information

Helpful links with information regarding pets on preparing for a storm or disaster. Creating a disaster plan for your pets and local pet friendly shelters are covered.

Pet Storm and Disaster Information

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