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Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection Book
Dedicated to Lost and Homeless Animals

November 1, 2011

The Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection book has been released and is dedicated to "all lost and homeless animals, past and present." This new collection of holiday themed stories, including five award winners, is available in printed book format and eBook formats for compatibility with most eBook readers including Amazon Kindle, Nook, and Apple products.

From the HolidayShortStory.com website:

The Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection is a Sweet Treat for the Soul

The Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection is a baker's dozen of both heartwarming and inspiring stories for all ages. The timely holiday themes, including five award winning tales, capture the true spirit of the season through over a dozen different slices of life. You will experience the magic and wonder of the holiday season with stories such as these:

Snowflake is a wonderful tale about a young girl’s attempts to rescue a small disabled and discarded puppy from a pet store to give as a special gift.

Magic Balloons is a thoughtful account about how a simple box of balloons can be transformed into an important gift with seemingly magical powers.

The Snowman Contest follows a parent and young son as they compete in a local holiday snowman contest. The events of the day lead to greater things and a surprise ending to the contest.

Angel Rescue is an inspiring story about a family’s discovery that their treasured Angel statue decoration is missing from the front yard the day before Christmas. What follows is an important lesson for everyone.

Christmas Crystal is a tale about a family that returns home on Christmas Eve to find their house burglarized and all gifts stolen. A bleak outlook for Christmas morning is followed by an unexpected Christmas Day surprise.

The Holiday Show starts with an energetic comedian taking the stage at a small comedy club. His witty remarks about the oddities of the holiday season keep the Christmas Eve crowd smiling and in good spirits.

The Christmas Card presents the dilemma of a third grade student that does not have a Christmas gift for her mother. Having no money to buy a gift, the student's teacher steps in with a lesson on the spirit of the season.

Other stories included in the Christmas Cookies Holiday Story Collection are Lori's Silent Night, Christmas Carousel, The Christmas Duck, War Takes a Holiday, and That Christmas Spirit. An additional bonus story titled The Quackers Christmas is a children's holiday tale about a family of ducks and their unplanned Christmas Eve adventure.

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The award winning lead story, Snowflake, follows a young girl named Becky as she goes to a pet store in search of a Christmas present for her sister. She spots a small disabled and apparently discarded caged puppy in a back corner of the store. After spending a few moments with this sad and lonely pup, she knew she had to get it out of there. The store employees refused to sell it to her. “Oh, you don't want that one ... he's got a bad leg and can't walk. He wouldn't make a good pet,” a saleslady tells Becky. She leaves the pet store discouraged but not defeated. Could she get the crippled pup out of there? If so, how? The story ends in an unexpected twist.

The book is now available in printed book format and eBook download format. Click below for more information.

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