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Thursday April 17, 2014

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Welcome to Jax Animals!

Founded in 2006, the mission of Jax Animals is to be a complete resource and information center for all topics relating to pets and animals in Jacksonville and North Florida with an emphasis on lost, abused, neglected, and homeless animals. Animal shelters, humane societies, and animal rescue groups in Jacksonville and surrounding counties are welcome to submit their information to be included in our rescues and shelters lists at no cost. Jax Animals includes lost, found, stray, and abandoned pet information as well as animal care and other related information.

Jax Animals is a 100% volunteer effort and will grow as funds and resources permit. Our wish list of projects include development of our website for mobile devices (this temporarily points to our Facebook page), more original pet help related articles, and expanded lost / found / adoptable pet listings for all shelters, rescues, and the public in North Florida.

Your comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome. If you have found a pet through Jax Animals, send us your story: Contact Us

Jax Animals News

Support a Much Needed Project at
Jacksonville's One Spark Event April 9-13:
Utopia for The Old Dogs

Jacksonville's One Spark event is being held April 9th - April 13th. One project that needs your vote and support and is much needed in the community is Utopia for The Old Dogs sponsored by Jacksonville's The Old Dog House rescue group.

From The Old Dog House Facebook page:

"One Spark is THIS WEEK! Starting Wednesday at 11am and ending Sunday at 3pm. We're tying up remaining loose ends and will set up our booth at the Dalton Agency on Tuesday afternoon. You must attend the festival to vote, so please come visit our booth! Or, if you have a some time to spare over the five days, we still have volunteer opportunities available: Volunteer Signup"

From the One Spark page for Utopia for The Old Dogs:

"We are The Old Dog House - an all volunteer, nonprofit, 501c3 older and senior dog rescue based in Jacksonville, FL. We want to provide a Utopia of sorts for the residents that call The Old Dog House home while waiting for their forever families to adopt them. This project is a spin on a traditional animal shelter because we will provide communal housing, enrichment activities, exercise and wellness opportunities, and community engagement. Essentially, an environment in which residents will thrive and are allowed to grow old with dignity."

"We will utilize existing community resources to find a suitable property. These resources include neighborhood organizations, neighborhood development corporations, local civic organizations, and churches within targeted neighborhoods. We want to be a welcome and important fixture in any neighborhood we pursue."

"Due to the scope of our finished project, we anticipate needing 1-2 part-time individuals to help with the daily care of the residents as well as upkeep of the property. Our desire is to work with local veteran organizations for a source for employable individuals. A strong volunteer base will be important, as well. In addition to our regular avenues for acquiring volunteers, we will reach out to the various local senior organizations..."

For More Information Visit
One Spark Utopia for The Old Dogs

Utopia for the Old Dogs

Jax Animals Shelter List Page Now
Includes Links to Each Shelter's Animals
Making Finding and Searching Easier

The Jax Animals Animal Shelters and Humane Societies page now includes links to each shelter's website, current lost/found animals, and adoptable animals where available. This will make finding and searching all area shelters easier and convenient. The Jax Animals Animal Rescue Groups page currently has links to each group's website. If you know of any shelters or rescues that are not on our list, contact us and we will add it.

Animal Shelters and Humane Societies
Jacksonville and North Florida

Animal Rescue Groups
Jacksonville and North Florida

Jax Animals Facebook Page
For Your Lost Pet, Found Pet, and Stray Pet Postings

Everyone is invited to post about lost pets, found pets, homeless pets, stray pet sightings, or animals that have special needs on the Jax Animals Facebook Page. Urgent cats, dogs, and other animals that we find out about are also posted there. Animals that were on our Urgent Cats and Urgent Dogs newsboards have been moved to the Jax Animals Facebook Page. Are you new to Facebook Pages and need to know how to post your lost or found pet information? If so, visit the Jax Animals Facebook Help Page.

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if you have lost or found an animal:

What To Do If You Have Lost a Pet

What To Do If You Have Found a Pet

Pet Alert! Help Needed!
Have You Seen Snoop?
Urgent Situation Missing Since 10/12/2013
Update 2/8/2014: Still Missing

Shared from Jenell Garvey Facebook post -> This is snoop (photo below). He has been missing since 10/12/13 from the Roberts Blvd area of Satsuma, Florida. He has eplipsy and is on meds for bad seizures. Can you please help us? His owners are both disabled. His master has terminal asbestosis and his mistress had a stroke the day he got loose. As a matter of fact they took her out to the hospital the morning he went missing. Please help. There is a reward for his safe return no questions. Phone 386-328-5369.

Editor's Note: if you know ANYTHING about Snoop, call the phone number above, leave a Facebook post, or contact us here and we will forward the information. If you have seen him or know where he is at, any information at all will help. Let's get Snoop home for the holidays...


Don't Leave Animals in a Car or Truck Alone

Especially during the hot summer months and the cold winter months, leaving an animal alone in a car or truck can mean a quick death that is also considered animal cruelty and abuse. It only takes a few minutes to cause an animal to suffer heatstroke, brain damage, and an agonizing and painful death in temperatures that can quickly reach well over 135 degrees. If you see an animal alone in a parked car, report it immediately. Call 911 and stay with the animal (or ask someone else to stay there) until the situation is resolved. If the animal is showing signs of medical distress or heatstroke and no one has responded, some organizations suggest finding a witness to assess and confirm the situation and then doing whatever is necessary to get the animal out of the car or truck. Then it is essential to get the animal to a vet immediately (or alternatively get the animal to a cool place and notify animal control or the authorities, telling them that this is an emergency situation). Quick action can save a life.

Increase in Stray Dogs Being Dumped by Owners

There seems to be an increase recently in the number of stray dogs wandering the streets. Many of these were dumped by owners. There is no reason why an owner should dump an animal! They are hungry and thirsty and often wander into traffic. Many are hit by cars and suffer an agonizing death. If you no longer want your pet, check the Area Animal Shelters and Humane Societies page and the Area Animal Rescue Groups page.

Adoptable Cats and Dogs Slideshow

Jax Animals has a convenient new way to view cats and dogs that are available for adoption at Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services. Our new Slideshow View shows one dog or cat at a time and with the click of a mouse on the photo you can get additional information about the animal. The original Grid View is still available.You can browse through the animals at your own pace and find your new friend who is waiting for a chance at a loving home:

Adoptable Cats Slideshow       Adoptable Dogs Slideshow

Over 50,000 Reasons to Adopt a Homeless Animal

That is the number of animals that were euthanized since 2000 in Jacksonville. Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services has many animals waiting for a chance at a new home. If you are considering a new pet, make it a must to check out the homeless animals at Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services and also the many local shelters, humane socities, and rescues. So many animals are put to sleep simply because no one comes for them. Check out the adoption possibilities:

Adoptable Pet Information

Jax Animals Topics

Financial Aid for Sick and Injured Animals

Getting veterinary care for a sick or injured animal sometimes creates a financial hardship. Emergency or necessary medical care may not be provided to an animal because of lack of funds. Click below for financial aid links and information:

Financial Aid Resources for Sick and Injured Animals

What To Do If You Have Lost a Pet

Losing a pet can be a stressful and difficult experience. Take action now. Follow this multi-step program to increase your chances of finding your pet.

Lost Pet Information

Thinking of Getting a Pet?

Please consider adopting a pet from one of the Northeast Florida shelters or animal rescue groups. There are many wonderful pets of all kinds and breeds just waiting for a chance at a new home. Help save a life. Adoption links and information:

Adopt A Pet

National Pet Database Listings

Several organizations which have national pet databases are included. PetFinder, PetHarbor, several national pet ID microchip companies and others are listed.

National Pet Databases

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